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Wuhan New Land Environmental Protection Materials Co., Ltd.
Add: No.8, West District, Changfeng Technological Industrial Park, No.8 Nanniwan Road, Qiaokou District, Wuhan City, China 
Postcode: 430034

Auto Supplies: Chen Ping 15972057116
Disinfection supplies: Chen Xiaolong 027-83499985
Oilfield and Refinery Auxiliary Department: Zhang Heng Li Liang 027-83311997
Metal Processing Auxiliary Department: Wang Longnian Niu Bo 027-83305579
Water Treatment Department: Jiangning 027-83305550
Sterilization Personal Care Department: Liu Shaobo Hu Hang 027-83305591
Deputy General Manager of Purchasing: Wang Qiang 027-83305591
Deputy General Manager of Sales: Lin Yi 027-83305579

Fax: 027-83305570

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Tel: +86-15807177891